Motivation Monday IV: Botanic Art

Motivation Monday Double Feature, woot-woot! We’ve talked about acting, fashion, chocolate. Let’s wrap it up in style… with flowers!
MOTIVATION MONDAY is really about encouraging, inspirational stories; stories of cool women I have the luck to have met along the way. And while I don’t remember when or how exactly I’ve discovered Botanic Art last year, I know I was instantly hooked on the crisp vision and artistic quality, and loved the founder Hurriyet’s cosmopolitan attitude (which, entre nous, Berlin needs a lot right now).
Berlin has quite a few ‘star’ florists already, but I love finding new awesomeness and sharing with you. Shall we? 😉
To be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m not a huge fan of cut flowers (anymore), but sometimes they are due, and sometimes an amazing florist can create something more lasting or alive. Hurriyet is such a person: just look at this Succulent Buddha Garden or this exotic Medinilla Centerpiece!
And seriously, even if it’s not the season (yet) don’t you, too, think this amazing decoration between natural and cool, modern and traditional that Hurriyet whipped up for me for Christmas 2012 is a dream in crystals and neon pink?
I also totally encourage you to check out Hurriyet’s stunning seasonal flower arrangements on her blog for more gorgeousness.


Botanic Art: Hurriyet Bulan at work. Photo credit:
Botanic Art: Hurriyet Bulan at work. Photo credit:
– Hurriyet, when I see your most beautiful floral artwork, bursting with creativity, I can’t help thinking that you might as well have become a photographer or a painter, a stylist or an interior architect… Tell me, what prompted you to become a florist, what attracted you to the business?
– When I started working in the floral world, my first job was with a local florist. It was a jump into a business that I had never thought about. I knew I loved being creative but being a floral designer didn’t cross my mind.
Of course, as I learned the trade and was put in charge the first time to consult clients and design their wedding, I realized how much I enjoyed it. To be surrounded by plants and beautiful flowers all day, strengthened my career choice. The best part is, that working in this business, there is never a routine. There is no stop to imagination or a limit to creativity. Now, 14 years later, I still feel that there is always something new to experience.
It was a job taken by chance and turned into my passion. I love creating the different, unusual & unique pieces of living Art.
– You’ve worked in New York and L.A. – I suppose it wasn’t a piece of cake to enter the field as a young professional, in the time before you had that impressive reference list? How did you succeed? What helped you build your individual style? What helped you go on?
– I really worked my way up. Just like with every job, over the years you become more experienced and pick up tips and tricks that help to work on bigger projects.
I worked mostly as a freelancer. That way I was able to work with many fantastic and creative designers. Through all those different work environments, I evolved into my own creative style. Now that I have my own design business I get to experiment a lot and be as creative as I want.
Hurriyet Bulan, Botanic Art Berlin
Hurriyet Bulan, Botanic Art Berlin (Photography by Maren Schulz)
– I see more and more fairtrade or locally/ organically grown flowers at Berlin’s florists. Is being sustainable becoming state of the art? Is even the most ‘normal’ customer worried about pesticide drenched, scent-free flowers? Where do you source your flowers from?
– I must say that I don’t have many customers ask me about the pesticides. Nevertheless I already searched and found organic flower farmers in Germany to be able to offer that to my clients as well. I like to support the local flower farmers and purchase their products first, but then some flowers are just native to another countries and I would have to order outside of Germany. But my first stop in the mornings is usually the Berlin Flower Market. Sometimes just looking at the flowers will inspire me to create something new.
– For people who don’t like cut flowers, you put together magical miniature gardens. Can you help create a ‘living’ home decoration, as opposed to ‘just plants in pots’? What plants or flowers would you suggest?
And do you always have flower decorations at home yourself? What is it right now?
– I love to think outside the box. Not everything has to be in a traditional vase or pot. That’s what makes this job so much fun. Getting creative and using imagination! My favorite plants are succulents. In every variety and species. They are easy to maintain and are simply beautiful.  That’s why I have lots of succulents in my home. And flowers I have plenty of as well, I usually take the left over flowers. So yes, I have beautiful flowers every week. Yup, another reason why this job is great 😀
– What is your most popular creation among business/event customers? Most popular flower with brides? Most asked for arrangement for gift bouquets?Are there big differences between New York, L.A., Berlin?
– My most popular creations are usually the floral pieces where the vase becomes a part of the design. I love using bear grass and twisting them around the vase. Or a simple birch bark with moss wrap or curly willow tied… There are just so many creative ways that make the floral piece unique, and I think that is what speaks to most of my customers.
The most asked flower is the peony. It is such a gorgeous bloom… and it’s the season right now! I like to take advantage of all the seasonal blooms in my floral arrangements. Every season brings us a different beauty and I love to showcase it.
Each city that I worked in as a floral designer showed me a different side to the floral world. Sunny L.A., fast-paced NY and artistic Berlin are so different in lifestyle to begin with. From the floral design aspect I think it differs in design style, available products and in pricing. I am really happy to have seen and experienced those big cities. Different surroundings give my creativity a great boost and inspire me, with the hope that I inspire others to see the beauty of this profession.
– Thank you so much, Hurriyet!
– Thank you for this wonderful interview.

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  3. Thanks so much Ladies!!! I really love what I do and hope to inspire others. Always trying to spread happiness with my blooms.
    @Jayne….I know how you feel….wouldn’t want to cut them either.

  4. Thank you so much for this interview, I just love it, love everything what Hurriyet create…..and her passion in her studio or everywhere she is booked is just amazing, she really inspire people arround the world and give us all just happyness , her soul glows / shines through her creativity in flowers and her georgeus succulents……I just adore her ……Thanx again for the interview ❤

  5. I like the pictures of Hurriyet’s floral creations. I am not surprised to read that the peony is the most asked for flower as it seems to be universally loved. 😉

    • yes, aren’t those lovely?
      sadly, I’m really such a bad gardener. I’d love to have my rooftop terrace all in greens and flowers… instead it’s just a naked terrace. for 12 years now 😀

      and re: Hurriyet’s flowers I love the succulent frames and other “lasting” creations the most!

  6. What a lovely career you have Hurriyet – the Buddha garden is wonderful, I must try that myself. We also have gorgeous peony blooms here in the UK at the moment but I can’t bear to cut them so I take pictures instead 🙂