Frangipani trees, Cassis leaves… (Range Review #3)

I gotta testify. I’m a perfume addict. Heavily addicted to them Eaus and Ahs! But ‘perfume‘ is an ingredient that’s as far from safe as can be, so I’m trying to get my daily scent fix from organics.

My first forays into organic perfumes weren’t that successful. Most scents that I’ve tried smelled like insense sticks or room sprays. Duh!

More recently, Balm Balm caught my attention with their fantastic soliflores; A Perfume Organic was nice but than, again, too ‘oily’ for my nose, spoiled by the glorious works of this world’s Ellenas and Laurents and Kurkdjians.

Thankfully, most organic brands sell either travel sizes or tester sized bottles; so that I don’t get poor by purchasing ranges and ranges of them! My latest loot comes from Violey, one of my fave online stores, and comprises certified organic scents by Lakshmi, Acorelle, and Farfalla.

Farfalla really slipped my attention, but recently, due to me (re)discovering their Volume & Shine shampoo I gave their perfume line – called Eau Fraîche – a try and purchased test sized Frangipani and Pleasure. Shall we?



INCI check: Certified organic alcohol, blend of essential oils, water, certified organic rose water. 100% natural (non-synthetic), 96% of the certifiable natural ingredients are organic.

Scent review: Sweet like fresh oranges, floral and sparkling, with a soft, warm base of spicy benzoin and vanilla. A very pleasant and mild scent evoking the exotic beauty of fragrant Magnolia champaca and Frangipani flowers.

Does it last? Yes, the sweet and spicy notes that remind me of lo(u)k(o)um or Turkish Delight, a sweet Oriental treat made from rose water and starch and lots of sugar, last the longest, naturally.
Once the floral freshness is gone, the skin is left perfumed with a pleasant warm touch of balsamic and vanilla notes. Benzoin is indeed nothing else than frankinsense, yet the “room spray” notion isn’t there.



INCI check: Certified organic alcohol, blend of essential oils, water, certified organic rose water. 100% natural (non-synthetic), 97% of the certifiable natural ingredients are organic.

Scent review: A great combination of fresh and fruity with powdery notes. Farfalla refers to it as “Mediterranean”, but here again my heart belongs to daddy Hermès, and can’t be fooled. The summery notion is right, though. The scent is greener, fresher than Frangipani.

Does it last? Only the base, which is a bit greener (the refreshing, summery scent of Cassis leaves) and lighter than that of Frangipani. My favourite.

Bottom Line

From left: Frangipani and Pleasure, 2 ml testers, approx. 2.90€ each

Coming in 50 ml bottles at approx. 22€ each, the Eau Fraîche scents are a really good alternative to (potentially) toxic juices. If you’re anything like me in your love for sweet, flowery, slightly carnal perfumes, you’ll probably love it. As every perfume, these contain known allergenes (Geraniol, Citronellol, Farnesol) but no toxins or hormonal disruptors.



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    With my acidic redhead skin I know that these will disappear in a puff on me but thanks for the suggesting! 🙂

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