Motivation Monday *Extra*: Unlock + Win (closed now)

Let’s tune in to a new and gorgeous (and delicious) week + + Discover BEAUTYCALYPSE news & updates + + Extra: Unlock the next Motivation Monday interview and WIN (NOW CLOSED)!

Unlock? Yep, that’s right – Motivation Monday (the one feat. Alyssa Jade McDonald from BLYSS Chocolate) is was to be unlocked by YOU. Read on for the deets of the Quest! And you didn’t :p Duuuh!!!

Oh, and Alyssa says hi 😉


1. The FAQ page is now up-to-date. All recurring questions have been answered. If you feel one is missing, ask away (and please use the contact form on the FAQ page for that).

2. The ABC: Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE page is now updated with answers given to readers’ questions so far. If you’ve missed one, this is the page to find everything.

3. The page about me is updated, and I think it came out mildly entertaining.


The Hall of Fame page is brand new! And what a fabulous new page it is!
There you can meet BEAUTYCALYPSE friends + most prolific commenters. I think it’s a cool way to honour friends who are so generous with their time, comments, ideas, sharing and support – and I hope they like! <3<3<3 


I’ve been waiting for some feedback, if you remember from the “You’ve Got Makeup… In Your Lungs” post, and, darlings, I’ve received feedback! There was an email from a lady of the Everyday Minerals customer care team, saying, and I quote “We are glad to hear that you like our products 🙂 We do not use micronized or nano-particles. Our products are actually vegan based, free of nanotechnology, carmine, dimethicone, fragrance, animal by products, bismuth oxychloride, silicone and lake dyes.”

This means I am prepping my reviews of Everyday Minerals and my other ‘real’ mineral makeup favourites (Alima, Inika, Lily Lolo). I think it will be four different posts, because otherwise it’s going to be a mucho TL;DR thing.

And I’ve updated my Fave/High Five Dr. Hauschka post, too.
Because other than stated at the Umweltblick page, the soothing mask does contain palm-oil derived ingredients, as the customer service wrote me.
You see, I’ve been in touch with Dr. Hauschka customer care, my to-go green brand, asking exactly that:
What they plan to do regarding the RSPO-failures to provide real sustainability and accurate controls.
New in the post is now the updated, very accurate list of Dr. Hauschka products free from any palm-oil related ingredients and the company’s reply to my palm-oil-questions. Check it out!


Motivation Monday is about cool stories of being who you always wanted to be, doing what you love to do and so much more.

But it’s today about YOU to unlock our next story – a magnificent one about chocolate, and world travel, and magic along the way.

UPDATE: Wow. This post has been the most read (and even shared) and still you guys seem to not fancy coming out to play. Too little time? 😉 Well, except one, who wins the prize… La Heather!




Tell me in the comments (you can add a link to a post on your blog if you’ve discussed the topic earlier) about something you’ve always dreamed to be or to do, and what you did to come closer to that dream. Did you go to another country to start anew? Have you quit a well-paid job in order to live the dream? Tell us! The Quest is done and the interview with Alyssa, the Bean Queen, is unlocked, once we reach 15 stories!

Those who share their stories aka embark on this Quest until this Friday end of day = 6 p.m. CET enter a raffle to win a precious gourmet package.
It’s vegan, virgin (=raw), healthy, packed with all-natural (not added!) antioxidants – great to enjoy pure or to cook with! And yes, it has to do with delicious Chocolate I purchased just for you. Look!
This is the prize that one lucky winner will call now can call his/her own:
(1) A bottle of pure and virgin (=ground at very low temp) September 2012 Vintage Cocoa powder, serving 2 cups. Sooo good.
(2) A 250 g pack of sealed for freshness June 2012 Vintage Cocoa nibs, pure and delish bits of cocoa beans you can use to top salads or to nib away as a healthy treat. Looking forward to discussing recipes with the winner.
(3) And to honour our literary discussions here and there, I throw in one sweet little travel-sized Louis Vuitton diary, a not-for-sale gift from the brand’s Café Litteraire opening in Paris. As a big fan of notebooks I’ve saved it for a special occasion which I think is now.

Since we’re kind of an inner circle at BEAUTYCALYPSE already, I’m totally thrilled to read your stories and to see who will win it! ❤

I reckon it’s especially cool for my foodie friends out there, right? 😉

WIN THIS ❤ A travel size notebook/diary for your literary or culinary notes; BLYSS pure chocolate for a hot chocolate; June 2012 Vintage Cacao Nibs for a variety of amazing recipes.

Only this post’s commenters who share a story (or provide a link to their story on their own blog) until June 21 6 p.m. CET enter the competition. Everybody can enter – except, of course, Alyssa & me or our teams/families 😉 I’ll be sending the prize at my expense as a gift and I will ship worldwide (trackable), but in case there may be any custom duties, taxes, etc. resulting from the mailing, the receiver will be responsible for paying them (though normally no taxes are paid for gifts), no refunds, no cash, no responsibility, no right of appeal. The winner will be drawn and announced next Monday, the decision is then final. The raffle is my personal gift, from my private ownership, put together for my readers as I would put it together for a friend, and in no way affiliated with the manufacturers/brands.

Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s play!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Hi guys, you are right Heather there is so much great stuff to comment on – Miss Beautycalypse is so talented – I would also share my story but seeing as I know Alyssa personally I don’t think I should enter 😉 – Having said that, Heather I love your blog – your photography and writing sooo complement each other… xxx Good luck everybody!

  2. Heather in Arles

    Whoohoo!! As per often, there is so much here to respond to, I don’t know where to start, save to say that I agree that it is a lovely gesture to acknowledge your most frequent commenters–one that I would ask to steal save that I am NOT the techie savvy lady that you are–of which I am proud to be a part but that is normal as there is always so much of interest–which ALREADY brings me back to where I began! Whew! 😉
    You know my basic story. One that falls right in line with your questions. My first dream was to be a professional theatre actress. I loved that energy that would flow between the audience and performer, plus making ancient texts spark anew. How glamorous to “live” experiences of the greats–Cleopatra, Ophelia, Salome…but also how hard a life and often a lonely one. I discovered that after gaining my degrees from New York University and the Yale School of Drama. I put myself in debt for the rest of my life for my dream! And yet, when I met my French companion, it turned my world upside down. All of my young adulthood had been solely focused on my career and yet I wasn’t content. It was time to make a change. I did so by moving to France to be with him and to start an entirely new career (I could not be an actor for several reasons, namely that I spoke no French and so would have had to have become a mime :() as a travel writer. With my photographer honey, we travelled the world together! It was as glamorous as any adventure on the stage and then some. Sadly, with the economic crisis, that cooled, the adventures stopped. But not really. I chose to redefine them and now celebrate the joys of everyday magic on my blog, Lost in Arles.

    Et voila…I will look forward to reading all of the other responses. Merci encore pour tous que tu fais!

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