Safe nailpolish remover / Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE #4 + Product Battle #1

Sante BDIH certifed organic Nail Polish Remover reviewed

A mani day on BEAUTYCALYPSE? Well, why not! Looking for the best nail polish remover, I’ve compared a standard, acetone-free product to a pricier certified organic product.

A reader asked – is there a nail polish remover that is safe and good?

I must admit, I was caught on the hop. I’ve been using a simple drugstore brand for a while, considering it a cheap and, actually, quite a good option. Granted, it was drying out the skin, but then, I figured, which remover doesn’t? Hold on.



It’s not that there are not enough alternatives. It’s that I was looking for one to meet specific criteria:
-Easy to get (as in: not just available in one fancy online shop that needs 3 weeks to ship)
-Reasonable price, too
-As efficient as its less healthy brother
-Certified organic (ideally)
-Free of palm-oil or palm-oil-derived ingredients

Finally, the search was over, the contender was found, the nail polish was on since two days (and started chipping)! Ta-daa! Time for the text!



Meet the contestans. In the left corner, pardon, on the left hand – the challenger:
Name: Santé Nail Polish Remover with Organic Orange Oil, BDIH-certified
Contents and price: 100 ml and 5.95 Euro SRP (darn, I bought mine for 6.95!)
Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Ethyl Lactate, Ricinus Communis, Aqua (Water), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Limonene, Linalool – except for natural citrous allergenes one is either sensitive to or not, the ingredients are non-toxic and the cleanest a nail polish can get, also – palm-oil free.
Promises on the packaging: None.
Scent: Fine orange aroma. No typical nail polish remover scent or let’s be frank here: boyfriend-friendly.
Effect: Feels quite oily on the skin, dissolves two coats of nailpolish with one top-coat easily. Seems to be volatile: the cotton pad gets dry quite quickly.
Aftermath: No sensation of dryness or discomfort, there is a fine oil film on skin and nails, leaving them moistursed. Nevertheless I wash the hands afterwards; no dryness occurs. Totally thumbs up!


In the right corner – on the right hand:
Name: Mr. X Acetone-free with Biotin and Argan Oil (he preferred to remain anonymous)
Contents and price: 125 ml and 0.95 Euro
Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate, Alcohol denat., Aqua, Perfume, Caprylic/Capril Triglyceride, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Biotin. They are all considered safe, except that “perfume” is The Great Unknown and that Caprylic/Capril Triglyceride might be derived from palm oil.
Promise on the packaging: With Biotin and Argan Oil (true). Great for brittle nails (well, let’s find out).
Scent: Typical remover scent, not too strong, but distinct.
Effect: Dissolves easily two coats of nailpolish with one top-coat.
Aftermath: Skin and nails look and feel very, very dry. The urge to wash hands and to slather on hand lotion is unbearable.



Hands down, definitely Santé. I’m really happy with the whole package – the formula, the effect, the packaging. The price could be somewhat lower, but I’ve already spotted it on sale (4,79€) at one of my fave online shops. Late night shopping, here I come!


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  1. Din

    Haha, ‘boyfriend-friendly’.

    For me the best (Santé) nail polish remover so far except the scent. I am not sure what it is; no doubt I love oranges, but… I really like the oily feeling and that it seems not to dry my dry nails even more.

  2. we liked this.

    but painting toe nails (or paying people to do it) was the first thing we stopped when we started on the austerity-plan-to-move-to-LA

    and yet we’re happy there’s a good polish remover.

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