WordPress’es own DailyPost blog challenges bloggers to write a #postaday. This time, the theme of the photo challenge (“Fleeting”) happens to match my Fantasy Friday theme: Vergänglichkeit.

I sing with impertinence, shading impermanent chords with my words
David Bowie “After All”

(Or maybe listen to The Windmills Of Your Mind instead while reading this. You’re welcome.)

Fleeting. This theme instantly triggered a familiar thought… One of my favourite words (I do have favourite words) is this beautiful German word – Vergänglichkeit; a surprise box stuffed with all of these: evanescence, impermanence, mortality, transiency, ephemerality. It’s a beautiful, elegantly clocked and pronounced, bittersweet word.

It’s what fuels my imagination the most. Probably this is the core of all art – the wish to trick the devil, to outsmart death, to create something more important than yourself.

I’ve put together a few pictures that capture the essence of my personal icons of Vergänglichkeit (and not just linked, I’ve also liked the DailyPost challenge for your convenience, so that you can join the game, too).

Good night, Adventurers.


A fragile, dead yellow leaf has fallen on the cold stone of an ancient tomb in a necropolis. No wind to move it.
Indecisive if it should cast grey or yellow rays, the sun looks away in boredom and casts an apocalyptic glow upon empty old-fashioned beach shelters.
The day ends rapidly. Just a few seconds, and the lava of this urban sunset will drown in the shadows of the night.
Does a silk scarf fuel your imagination?..
The steady clicking of high heels, the wooden floor – it was just a young woman that passed you by, so why did her steps sound like Time itself?

22 replies on “MashUp: Weekly Photo Challenge & Fantasy Friday #3

    1. isn’t it? it’s a very quiet sounding word.

      I think the images are exactly capturing the moment before it’s over: sunlight, calm, steps. I love this moment.

    1. thank you! it’s even more beautiful in its original, not in the beautycalypse-specific image format 😉

  1. Wunderbar!! Vergänglichkeit; a surprise box stuffed with all of these: evanescence, impermanence, mortality, transiency, ephemerality. It’s a beautiful, elegantly clocked and pronounced, bittersweet word.

  2. Oh wow! absolutely stunning – my favourites are the leaf at the top and the shoes at the bottom – the captions you have given add so much to the pictures as well and the combination of all the images together works so powerfully and seems to tell its own story. Very, very nice!

    1. thank you for the “wow” 😉 I think it’s really the concept of contrast that works here: warm vs cold, crisp sound in the silence, wind vs calm, intensity vs “vergänglichkeit”

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