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Gluten Dairy Free Vegan Mini Carrot Cake with Vegan Cashew Vanilla Cream

WHAT’S IN MY BLOG READER: Let’s share our secret sources for fabulous vegan and/or gluten-free food!


1. Let me first share a sweet recommendation by Vanessa >>> the Tasty Yummies blog: gluten- and dairy-free recipes by a self-proclaimed “conscientious omnivore”. Also: lovely food photography.

2. If you’re cruising Pinterest, check out the board Gluten-Free Goodies by Beard and Bonnet. As far as I could see, it also seemed copyright infringement-free, which is something on Pinterest.

3. Beard and Bonnet own website/blog is about gluten-free, sometimes dairy-free recipes.

4. Since I still struggle with subs for milk and cream depending on the recipe I want to make dairy-free, I found Go Dairy Free very useful. It covers everything from nutritional info (calcium and other mythological creatures) to recipes to product reviews (US-based) and much more.

5. The Vegan Stoner is a classic. Cool illustrations meet (mostly) easy and delicious vegan recipes.

6. Another favourite is Vegan Passion – there’s one German and one English version available. Delicious desserts, petits fours, cakes plus hearty stews and other comfort food goodness.

7. And lucky number seven is a classic: Oh She Glows, which is about food and sport, and which I like particularly because the author – Angela – describes it as “a journey” to a healthier life.

Oh, and the carrot cake you see above is my rendition of a recipe found in the fantastic Forks over Knives cookbook that I highly recommend as well. Lots of ideas, basic recipes, and inspiration – plus the bonus insight for me personally that I hate the taste of vegan vanilla whip sweetened with maple syrup 🙂

UPDATE: THIS IS HOW I BLOGROLL >>> It was probably too obvious, there great vegan foodies are listed in my Blogroll, you guys! A lot of useful tips and each with a unique approach, please meet Bunny Kitchen and In Vegetables We Trust.

Have you, my lovely reader, got favourite vegan/GF/DF/veggie/healthy recipe blogs or sites? Do share!



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