Sunscreen & Suntan: Latest Knowledge to Keep Us Safe!

This is the 2013 edition of our common sunscreen knowledge.

The Enviromental Working Group has put together a comprehensive guide called “9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen”. It’s a must-read for everyone who wants to minimise their risk of sun damage (let’s not spell the c-word). Read it, and you will be the one au courant.

* * *

In case you’ve missed the BEAUTYCALYPTIC sunscreen/suntan/self tan mythbusting, find the write-up here at Understanding Ultraviolet: Suntan or Sunburn to find out why self tanning before sunbathing totally harms your skin.

* * *

And an addendum:

A friend of mine who’s into all-natural skin care suggested using coconut oil – for sunscreen. I’ve googled her suggestion and stumbled upon quotes from a 2004 study saying that natural oils (neem seed, sesame, sunflower) only offered about 40% sunray absorption, and coconut oil even less, only 20%. Now try and guess the oil with the highest absorption rate of glorious 90%!



Adventurers, it’s – GULP – cod liver oil.



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