Fantasy Friday #2: Evil Lords, Archives, and more

Dear Adventurers, welcome to the second Fantasy Friday here on BEAUTYCALYPSE! Today we start with an overview of a few very cool posts.

On our first Fantasy Friday I told you why I’m such a love scene hater, both reading and writing.

Today I want to share with you three posts on writing that made me think – and smile – as well as a tiny bit of my own writing.



INDIE VS BIG MONEY. Tracy Embor, a steampunk novel writer whom I follow, monitors the publishing industry development and puts together pro tips in her post series “Writing as Business”. This week Tracy offered a cool write-up about the state of the publishing industry – the peaks of its solar flares, if you will, – in “News from the Publishing Hinterlands” that you can read here.

SCIFI VS OLD SCHOOL. I haven’t been to L.A. yet, but I swear that Team Gloria’s delightful report on her research “in the archives at the Academy of Motion Pictures with a pencil and a moleskine notebook” (here) teleported me right there for a few minutes! Looking over her shoulder and browsing through her notes and enjoying historic insights into the Female Hollywood.

CLICHÉ: CHICKEN VS EGG. In “Tough guide to Fantasy Clichés: Dark Lords and Evil” Melissa of LanternHollowPress talks about clichés in depicting The Evil in fantasy books. Head over to find out about evil rabbits and maybe join the discussion about Tolkien and Co. here.



This tiny bit will be used for a graphic novel sort of a fantasy story, so it lacks the whole she said he said thing. I don’t reveal anything about who speaks – on purpose. I’m beyond curious what you’ll think. Shall we?

The following dialogue is to be read very slowly. The two talking are pausing a lot. It takes place after another, utterly furious dialogue with a lot of f-words and shouting and yelling.

“Things in Hell aren’t free you know.”

“What currency do they accept?”

“Really? Being funny now? I need to make a living here on Earth.”

“Now you tell me banks aren’t outlets of Hell.”

“Oh, they most certainly are, again: nothing’s free. The less I have to take care of earthly troubles, the more I can focus on…”

“…killing people.”

“Not actually, no, but we’re slowly getting there. You were a witness tonight. But it’s me who made you a witness… intentionally.”




“I need you to know what I am. You still can call off our… arrangement. Hugo thinks you need not to know, but I felt, I sensed I could rely on you… Can I rely on you?”


“You really mean to make me repeat that thing… about a shitload of crappy jobs, don’t you?”



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  1. The dialogue is really interesting, you open up a lot of imaginative options for the reader in just a few lines – Def want to know more!!! Give Ubu give x

    • such lovely feedback. thank you, jayne! :*

    • so sweet of you 🙂
      thank you! x