Dr Hauschka High Five | Range Review #1

Are you, like me, a beauty nomad? Means: you cleanse with brand A, moisturise with brand B, use eye contour cream by brand C and lip balm by brand D. It’s rare to stick to ONE line, isn’t it?

But it’s all the same with me.

Got even harder since I started monitoring my beauty products for palm oil, when one by one, even some certified beauty products have left the building. My list of favourites was shrinking. I knew it was the right decision, but you surely can imagine my frustration of both having bought it so carelessly and now having to ditch products that were so close to become favourites!

The happier I am today to show you five fabulous beauty products by Dr. Hauschka that are

  1. amazingly efficient,
  2. certified organic (of course I double-checked with codecheck.info – pure and clean!) and
  3. palm-oil free. Additional info: Here’s a list of (German) product names of the Dr. Hauschka range, reportedly free from palm-oil and palm-oil-derived-ingredients. UPDATE: Below is a list of confirmed palm-oil-free Dr. Hauschka products. 

Let’s have a closer look at my 5 all-time Dr. Hauschka favourites that are, from left to right:

  1. Cleansing Clay Mask/ Reinigungsmaske
  2. Facial Steam Bath/ Gesichtsdampfbad
  3. Dr. Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash/ Mundspülung Salbei
  4. Soothing Mask/ Hautberuhigungsmaske
  5. Eye Solace/ Augenfrische



Don’t you love a facial steam bath and a well-cleansed, refreshed, rosy, glowy skin that you get afterwards? I sure do.

The Cleansing Clay Mask (#1) comes either in a jar, or in a set of 10 singles which I prefer for obvious reasons. You don’t need more than 5 grams of the clay mask for a single application.

Loess clay is the main ingredient. Plant extracts of Indian cress and Hamamelis and a bit of starch make for the rest. To use the mask you just add liquid, blend well, and you’re set.

I love to add a toner, or a bit of organic plant water (rose, orange, or lavender – or a mix of those). In winter, when skin is particularly weak, I also add ONE DROP of a Dr. Hauschka face oil, or carrot oil, or argan oil… You get the idea. The product is amazing and highly customisable.

Sidenote: I don’t know what the Dr. Hauschka R&D guys think of this Super Mix of mine but I love blending the Facial Steam Bath with the Cleansing Clay Mask for added cleansing and soothing power.

The Facial Steam Bath (#2) comes in a glass bottle (yay, no plastic = good for us) and is a somewhat thick, tea-coloured liquid with a distinct scent. It, too, is made of very little ingredients, which is always good: water, plant extracts of Daisy, Indian Cress, and Hamamelis, and alcohol. You add a bottle cap full of it to your steam water, sit back and enjoy the healthy steam.

It’s advised to use the steam bath prior to the clay mask of course. I decided to talk about the mask first because you clearly are more likely to have time for a 10 minutes mask (twice a week) than for a thorough steam bath ritual (once a week or, in my case, maybe once in a month). 



These two products are real life magic, no less.

The Soothing Mask (#4) comes in a tube. It is designed to be used after your steam bath and clay mask. More on that in a sec.

The Soothing Mask has a thick and oily texture and is an elaborate blend of soothing plant extracts and natural oils: Hamamelis, Quince, Chamomile, Lady’s Mantle, Borage, Buckwheat and Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Groundnut Oil and some (safe) ingredients to stabilise and to preserve it. (UPDATE: Scroll down for an update on Dr. Hauschka palm oil use!)

With my skin which is very sensitive AND reactive I found that the use as a mask is more likely to irritate the skin. Ironically, I’m allergic to Chamomile – do I hear “we got a winner!” here? 😉 Also, arachis or groundnut oil is a bit too heavy for my skin and likely to produce, rather than reduce, blackheads. Yikes.

But I found that for me this mask is magic when applied strictly locally to a zit or any inflammation, say, in the nailbed, or just any minor ding that’s not bleeding but red and itching. Especially overnight the inflammation is visibly reduced and the thick bit of mask is visibly “drank up” by the skin.

Eye Solace (#5) – what a lovely name! – looks like eye drops, isn’t eye drops.

Eye Solace are eye compresses. In the box, you find 10 units with 10 ml of a clear liquid each, and 10 cotton pads.

I seriously recommend this to anyone who has to fight “tired eyes” – be it from driving or from riding a motorbike, from long hours at the computer or after long flight hours:

  • Put it on during driving breaks to relax more
  • Have a nap aboard a plane and arrive looking your relaxed best
  • Seclude yourself during a lunch break on a very busy work day

I also love to give this as a gift because in my circle of friends everybody has “tired eyes”.

The use is simple: You pour the content of 1 unit onto 1 cotton pad which you divide into two thin cotton pads. Then you put the soaked cotton pads onto closed eyes and relax for 10, 15 minutes – or longer if you are anything like me who tends to doze off at the first opportunity…

This liquid, ladies and gents, beats anything you’ve experienced. Promised! No more tea bags or cukes!

Puffiness, redness, tired feeling – all go away. You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated.

I sometimes add a dark eye mask on top, just to boost the effect. Just make sure you don’t get the liquid in your eyes, because then it can burn a little.



Dr. Hauschka Med is a Dr. Hauschka subsidiary that creates medical/special care products; you can discover the range here on their official website. I shop my Dr. Hauschka Med favourite – the 300 ml Sage Mouthwash – either at a health food store (Bio Company is a favourite) or at any well-assorted pharmacy, or online.

Sage Mouthwash (#3) comes is a 300 ml bottle. It’s a ready-to-use mouthrinse, a dark liquid with a pleasant, natural aroma of healing plants. It doesn’t burn your mouth like some products do.

It prevents and fights inflammations and unhealthy bacteria; plant extracs help fortify the gums; sage and a combination of essential oils help fight bad breath; caledula heals wounds; no synthetic ingredients, no tensides, no fragrance, no fluoride.


I’ve been in touch with Dr. Hauschka customer care, my to-go green brand, asking what they plan to do regarding the RSPO-failures to provide real sustainability and accurate controls.

In their highly comprehensive answer, Dr. Hauschka highlighted that the organic beauty manufacturers aren’t the main purchaser of palm oil – by far. They pointed out that they have already moved on to other oils as raw materials and have convinced a glycerin manufacturer to switch to coconut oil – it means they pay about ten times as much as for palm-based glycerin. This sounds like commitment to me.
Also, they are supporting small sustainable manufacturers which is good for the local communities and for sustainability control (as opposed to buying from industry giants.)

The customer care were ever so helpful to provide me with an accurate list of updated products that are guaranteed palm-oil free. I’ve added English product names for your convenience and I’ve arranged the list according to what body part the products are for (which is a lot better than a simple a-z list, right?)

Augenbalsam / Eye Contour Day Balm
Augenfrische / Eye Solace
Lippenkosmetikum / Lip Balm
Gesichtsdampfbad / The Facial Steam Bath
Gesichtsmilch / Moisturising Day Cream
Gesichtsoel / Normalising Day Oil
Gesichtstonikum / Facial Toner
Gesichtstonikum Spezial / Clarifying Toner
Gesichtswaschcreme / Cleansing Creme
Hautkur / Rhythmic Night Conditioner
Hautkur Sensitiv / Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive
Intensivkur 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 / Intense Treatment 01 to 05 resp.
Reinigungsmaske / The Cleansing Clay Mask
all Lipsticks
all Novum Lipsticks
Translucent Face Powder Loose
Citronen Bad / Lemon Bath
Fichtennadel Bad / Spruce Bath
Lavendel Bad / Lavender Bath
Rosmarin Bad / Rosemary Bath
Salbei Bad / Sage Bath
Koerpermilch Citrone Lemongrass / Lemon Lemongras Body Moisturiser
Koerpermilch Quitte / Quince Body Moisturiser
Seidenpuder / Body Silk
Neem Haarwasser / Neem Hair Lotion
Neem Oelkur / Neem Hair Oil
Neem Nageloel / Neem Nail Oil
Neem Nageloel Stift / Neem Nail Oil Pen
Pflegeoel Birke Arnika / Birch Arnica Body OIl
Pflegeoel Citrone Lemongrass / Lemon Lemongras Body Oil
Pflegeoel Mandel Johanniskraut / Almond St. John’s wort Body Oil
Pflegeoel Rosenblueten / Rose Body Oil
Pflegeoel Schlehenblueten / Blackthorn Body Oil
Rosmarin Beinlotion / Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner
Rosmarin Fussbalsam / Rosemary Foot Balm
Forte Zahncreme Minze / Fortifying Mint Toothpaste
Kinder Sensitiv Zahngel Orange / Children Sensitive Orange Tooth Gel
Mundspuelung Salbei / Sage Mouthwash
Sensitiv Zahncreme Sole / Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste

So this it, this is my Loot Review of my personal, time-tested, all time Dr. Hauschka favourites. Questions, suggestions, compliments, rants? Do tell!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. […] 4. Dr Hauschka Med “Sage Mouthwash” is a ready-to-use super blend of healing essential oils and extracts (marshmallow, sage, krameria root, calendula, potentilla erecta root, horse-chestnut bark, neem, myrrh, irish moss) in an alcohol based formula. Rinse and gargle your heart out to freshen your breath, strengthen your gums, heal inflammations… and even if there are the first signs of a sore throat, a particularly nasty side effect of the wintertime, this mouth rinse is absolutely ideal. No harsh “minty” taste, pleasant herbal aftertaste. Available in natural supermarkets and many pharmacies, approx. €9. Note that the renewed, BDIH and NaTrue certified formula includes Propolis Cera, making the product non-vegan. [Full ingredient disclosure with Dr Hauschka Med “Sage Mouthwash” review] […]

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