Gluten-Free Quest #3 (Success) + Healthy Sleep Quest #2 (Fail!)

It’s “win some, lose some” – right? My No-Wheat Experiment went smoothly, while my Sleep experiment failed completely. A quick wrap-up.

The idea behind Sleep Lab TCM: Going to bed at 10pm the latest. Duh…


Short’n’sweet: It failed not so much because it doesn’t work. It failed simply because I can’t force myself to go to bed at 10. We’ve had a long, dull, grey winter, so the long springtime evenings are too alluring.

I am stubborn though and you’ll see me return in Sleep Lab TCM 2: Reloaded! 😀


No-Wheat: Better eating got me in a more creative mood…


What started as a “2 week challenge” out of a fancy after having read this, ended up being… my new diet.

Why? Here’s my shortened diary.

Day 1 and Day 2: “****! What am I going to eat for breakfast? What’s for lunch? I’m a veggie already! Heeeelp!”

Day 3: “I don’t want to cook and I can’t even order a pizza! Dang!”

Day 4 went: “Oh, I never knew I could feel hunger again… I feel so light-hearted…”

You know that feeling when you’re kind of hungry but also feeling diffusely sick? You feel the need to eat something specific but in the same time it makes you sick to think of eating? Anyway, it’s exactly what I’ve always experienced after eating pasta (or a pizza or a sandwich) – but I pinned it on carbs being “heavy food”. I used to feel simultaneously sick and hungry, thinking “I shouldn’t eat it, it feels like I’m going to throw up!”

Well, this weirditude went away, completely, in the first days of my No-Wheat challenge. The wild craving for sweets, or buns, or sandwiches, or other sweet ot salty baked stuff – gone. Terrific!

Also, after having found myself puzzled in the kitchen or in the store during the first days, I quickly figured out how many delicious recipes are out there, completely wheat-free and so, so rich in flavour! Actually, being creative with food trying to eat gluten-free made my menus much more interesting, rich, and versatile. I also re-discovered Asian cuisine and especially the Japanese/Thai pasta varieties (from rice, buckwheat, or pumpkin). For gluten-free sweets I either opted for dark chocolate (yum!), dried fruit (banana chips! cranberries!), chia-pink-grapefruit-goji-pudding or soft turrón with dried fruit (this is not vegan since a bit egg white is used, less than for the standard turrón but still).

Day 5: “Are we actually… losing weight?” (We were! 2 weeks, 4 kilos without any starving!)

Days 6-12: Happiness. Sometimes silly comments occurred like “you aren’t getting enough carbs and will have no power“; twice we succumbed to a baked dessert (S.O.) or to a pizza (me), and the weight loss stopped (S.O.) or felt sick and got really ill-tempered (me). You are what you eat!

So, the perks of my new gluten-free diet are:

  1. No more junk food: Yes, there is veggie/vegan junk food out there. Harsh times!
  2. A rich, finally truly interesting menu (my cross-over Moroccan Chili is a hit!)
  3. Unexpected, constant weight loss towards my ideal weight.
  4. Better complexion, more stamina.
  5. A good feeling about food and eating; no munchies; no insulin highs and lows.

On the minus side:

  1. Shopping for groceries isn’t quite as easy anymore.
  2. Costs a tiny bit more preparation time – involves more cooking, more planning.
  3. Gets you moronic comments that go fa-haaa-har beyond “vegans have nothing to eat except potatoes” 😀

So – yes, after 2,5 weeks I’m really happy to have tried to go wheat-free and also determined to maintain it.

But I promised you that on BEAUTYCALYPSE we don’t rely only on what we feel is right. I am adding on two more gluten-/wheat-free weeks and getting a blood test subsequently to have a closer look at my vitamin-minerals balance. I’m really, really curious and will report!



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  1. Din

    Wunderbar, dass es dir so gut dabei geht! Die Sache mit dem Schlafen – mhm – ich habe es hin und wieder versucht, aber irgendwie wird es immer nur zehn Uhr…
    Naja und das mit dem Getreide kennst du ja bei mir auch. Ohne geht es wirklich gut. Habe übrigens so kleine Küchlein-Keks-Teilchen aus gekauftem Mandelmehl gemacht. Die waren super. Muss ich mal Rezept notieren…

    …und das Foto! Super gelungen.

  2. BLYSS chocolate

    love it darling! let me know when you do Sleep Lab TCM 2: Reloaded – i will try to do it too. let’s wait until winter and hibernate with the bears. i’ve been wheat-free (gluten free) for 17 years now and it’s my saviour. happy it’s working for you. LOVE x (ps my family find when they eat what i do, they feel better too, i’m sure that modified wheats ARE the devil). this is not traditional wheats or grains, but the ones used today with elastins that just plug and clog the body for “cooking performance” are cheap, nasty and a sin to gastronomy.

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