TGIF as in “Thank God It’s Friends-Day!”

Dear Adventurers, While my blogroll already is hand-picked, two recent posts were so GRAND, I can’t rely on serendipity!

Have a wine, and a snack, and let’s meet some fab people.

Ladies first.

Please do have a look at this amazing post by Miss Lyss aka The Bean Queen: In “How cane and coffee can live twice” (clickety-click!) she has gathered 20 fancy ideas on how to effectively recycle tea and coffee. Some are unexpected, for example:

8. Encourage the carrots
To boost a carrot harvest, mix seeds with dried coffee grounds before sowing. The extra bulk makes the wee seeds easier to manage, while the coffee aroma can nourish the soil and help repel pests.

16. Treat the dog
As an extravagance, loose leaf gunpowder tea is a treat for dogs to roll around in. It’s great for the aroma and luster it adds to the coat.”

Next, shall we?

While I’ve been too busy lazy busy forgetful to add Alexander‘s amazing vegan food blog In Vegetables We Trust to my blogroll (update:  fixed it!), I’ve been enjoying his recipes for a little while now. He’s also very helpful and kindly replies to all of that silly babble I like to call my witty comments.

Especially since I went wheat-free as you know, this new recipe totally wins everything: Gluten free Almond Topped Jam Swirl Cake. Isn’t the very name of it adorable!?



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