Introducing “ABC”-Post Series! -> Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE #1

Hey Adventurers! So after just a few weeks since BC’s been online my Quest has made visible you guys got even more questions. Brilliant!

I couldn’t have dreamed it.

But it’s still my personal Quest – as in: Not A Job – and as much as I try to time-manage everything, things can slip my attention and get forgotten. So in order to not lose those good questions in comment threads, or emails, or Twitter mentions – let’s collect Your Questions and run a Quest – together! 

ABC: Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE – more questions mean more answers for the Quest.

So far you’ve asked me about a lot of things, and you can ask all your questions about healthy beauty, common sense in a vegan diet, slow fashion, ecology, food choices, healthy anti-aging options, practical magic in maintaining a healthy diet in a crazy business week, in short: Whatever steams your mirror!

Here’s the deal:

  1. You ask your question here. Or tweet it to me here – but then please use the hashtag #ABCQuest.
  2. I pick them one by one for a series of Sidequests called ABCAsk BEAUTYCALYPSE.
  3. And I investigate them.
ABC is for Ask BeautyCalypse.

Let’s do that! 😉

Please submit your Questions on the linked page. If you post here, please let me hear your Thoughts about whether you think ABC is a good idea or not!


8 Comments on “Introducing “ABC”-Post Series! -> Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE #1

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  3. I wondered recently if there is any good nail polish remover out there.

    • will add this!

      side note: went to my hairdresser. some magenta pigment got on my hands. was brought a cotton pad smelling like nail polish remover. it took all of the colour off. and then they told me it was a face peeling/ tonic! o.O

  4. I agree with Jane’s twitter request –
    – deodorant
    – hair dye
    – nail polish
    What are the nasties to look out for and what do you recommend?
    LOVE x

    • oooh, awesome. will add them to the Quest Page now!

    • oh, no – this time not 😉 WP captions haven’tsaved the photographer’s name (will update stat)