More Perks of the Konjac Sponge

Adventurers, I need to update my raving review.

I was geeking out about what my Konjac sponge could do lately and I’m simply looooooving it.
Still: Not on anybody’s payroll! 😀

Foam MacFoamy close-up…

Here’s a list of things that those little cuddly buggers can do for your skin or how they can improve your beauty routine. First:


  1. Take off dirt or makeup – or just wash your face.
  2. Gentle skin massage.
  3. Saving on product OR even replacing product (yes, you can use it without shower gel/face cleanser).
  4. Easy to take care for and great longevity (up to 3 months).
  5. A natural product with a sustainable source.
  6. Bio-degradable/enviromentally safe.
  7. Vegan-friendly!
  8. Gentle on weak, mature, dry, irritated, or baby skin.

Already totes adorbs, right? But wait, it gets even better!


Stress killer, I’m telling you!



1. Helps you gently take off heavy-duty eye makeup.

The sponge is so soft and porous, it kind of naturally prevents you from rubbing too hard. It also helps develop a lot of helpful foam. So I reckoned: Hey, what about trying and improving my eye-makeup-removing-routine! The removal always leaves the skin red and stressed and dry. Nobody wants that. And so I’ve tested it with waterproof mascara and primed smokey eyes makeup. And it worked!!!

And this is how it goes, without rubbing and tearing:

Step 1. Soak the Konjac sponge in warm (not hot!) water, as usual.

Step 2. While it sits there, use cotton pads and a waterproof makeup remover on your eyes. Remember to use a good amount of product so it can soften the makeup. Don’t rub, just wait a couple seconds. What, you haven’t found a safe eye-makeup-remover yet? Use Codecheck – and May The Force Be With You! Once the remover has dissolved most of the “painting” (= you’ll look like a panda) gently (!) wipe away the dissolved mess so that it won’t end up clogging up your sponge.

Step 3. Now work your (gentle and safe) face wash product into your Konjac sponge and put it on the closed eye. And instead of rubbing the skin, give the sponge a massage: press it, so that it releases warm water (not hot! it must be just a comforting temperature to not dry out the skin around the eyes – better err on the side of cool) and a little foam. Repeat a couple times until clean. Wash the sponge and hang it to dry.

The trick: Always keep enough water/product in the sponge while you’re doing this. Otherwise the dissolved makeup might sit in the sponge forever. Yuk.


2. Serves you even after it’s long gone… As a garden helper!

I don’t remember if it’s written on the packaging of the sponge, but anyway the shop I bought mine at said:

Feel free to pop in the bottom of a plant pot after use or dig into the garden! The sponge will help water your plants by holding the moisture for it!” – Well, I’ll give it a try for sure. I’m an awful gardener, so any help is appreciated. 😉

I also love the idea that Spongy won’t sit in the garbage after it served me so well. *snivel*


3. Helps you take off a stubborn clay mask.

I love my Dr. Hauschka clay mask. It’s really a no-brainer: 5 minutes, you’re done, your skin is refreshed. The mask makes a rather thin layer BUT it’s a teeny bit tricky to wash off. I’ve always found it rather messy.

I’ve used a face cloth (which then went to the laundry – talking about carbon footprint!), or just my hands. The latter was rather tedious and sometimes I’d oversee a bit, awkward!

But the Konjac sponge is amazing at that. I just use it as it’s designed, just keeping in mind to apply even less pressure – the clay mask isn’t meant to be worked into the skin, after all. Works just fine and is quick & easy to get out of the sponge, too!

Thick and oily masks wreak havoc on the sponge. Don’t try it.



  1. Air-dry it very well!
  2. Never wring it! I press it between flat palms of my hands (which works like a stress-killer, heheh)
  3. It’s made of an edible plant but still: DON’T TRY TO EAT IT. It’s a safe product but it does feel like something to chew – and since it can’t dissolve like gelatine, do keep it away from animals and little children.

And now excuse me please.
I’ll go and work on my stunning and all-natural glow (by ditching wheat and getting tons of “before-midnight” sleep).



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