In today’s post I’ll tell you about my Sleep Lab (=time management experiment) and my No-Wheat Lab (= diet experiment). Shall we?

The segments of the blood orange make it look like a clock’s face…


Okay, you might remember my post about surviving in a megacity where I’ve mentioned the TCM-based sleep rhythm suggestion. I am now trying to figure out if it works in a normal life AND if it has any benefits for my health, my wellbeing, my look. You can find random rants or musings on my Twitter tagged #SleepLabTCM or here, categorised Survival Quest and tagged Sleep Lab.

To begin with: It’s not easy to call it a day at 21:00. The day has just begun after all!

When you’re done with your work, which might last well up to 19 o’clock, you want two things: food and fun. Food takes time, so say you’re done at 20 o’clock. Or maybe you’ve been hellishly well organised and managed to incorporate the food thing into an earlier time slot, say 18-19 which would be better anyway because eat and then sleep = not cool.


In spring/summer nothing arrives as surprisingly as 9 pm.

It’s daylight, daylight, daylight, and than – bamm! – your watch mockingly says: 21:00.

The time the TCM guy said I have to go to sleep. Means I have to prepare for going to sleep at maybe 8:30 pm. Gaah! I forgot my meditation! (No typos here: I didn’t mean “medication”) 😉

Western meditation: contemplate on a bit of classic music or a beautiful saying…
BEAUTYCALYPTIC meditation: stare at a weird household object and contemplate it… Side note: “she” has a nice butt. Oh wait, I mustn’t get distracted. So. Nutcracker. Yes.

So I started my experiment by going to bed at 10 pm, reading a bit so that I effectively fall asleep at around 10:30 pm. Getting up at 7 am is quite easy I found. I didn’t want any coffee! (Which I would die for during my batshit crazy Tu and Wed)

The experiment continues.

I’ve also taken a picture of a horribly looking sleep deprived me for the record. And I never keep bad photos.


You remember my rant about the wheat book that offers great insight into why wheat kills you but fails at finding a way to coexist with not less important research on ditching meat and dairy?

Anyway, I wanted to give it a try.

No bread, pasta, pizza, or any processed food that might contain wheat flour.

I even wrote to the organic company that sells wholegrain wheat flour asking what exact variety of many wheat kinds out there they use. For the record: Day 10, thanksforasking but… they have no idea.

What can I say? In the beginning, there was cluelessness.

No rocket science: rocket, beetroot sprouts, grilled bell paprika and sweet potato wedges are wheat-free as is the chili-mango-dressing.

Okay, so salads were off the list, I never understood the urge to add croutons to them.

I’m no sweet tooth, so baked goods were ditched in the blink of an eye: I go for the raw single-bean BLYSS chocolate anyway… (which has incredible health benefits)

Since professeur Beliveau said that an amount of pure chocolate per day isn’t just acceptable but desirable, dessert was off the wheat hook pretty easily. Yay.

The warm dishes – there’s the rub! You can’t go all rice-potato-rice-potato-rice-potato-rice to replace pasta or bread/tortillas/whatever base for the vegs all the way!

(I’m yet to try zucchini “pasta”, pretty much as can be seen on this fab food blog.)

Yes. Struggle. Day one I went for wild rice. Day two for mashed potatoes (in fact, a vegan Shepard’s Pie with lentils and a hot plum sauce, but I digress). Day three for sweet potatoes. Day four for potato wedges. On day five I’ve started hating the world. It was unnerving, and my Significant Other started barking at me because he was missing his favourite semolina pudding so much.

So stay tuned for my No-Wheat Lab updates. As far as the benefits go, I’d say my skin looks rather not-so-dull. And my Significant Other surprisingly lost a significant amount of weight (yes, it’s just been 5 days) he never managed to get rid of before, no matter how veg and healthy. So after a wheat-ditching-induced brawl we had last night (we’re both rather alpha) it was all “wow, look at this! I love you and the world!” this morning.

So stay tuned for my No-Wheat Lab updates. Are there things you’d want to try and change in your diet? Do you think I can keep up the weird sleep routine? Is anybody betting on me yet?

Have a great day, friends!

See you later in the BEAUTYCALYPSE parlour.


12 replies on “Sleep Lab & No-Wheat Lab | Gluten Quest #2 | Healthy Sleep Quest #1

  1. Oh, GOOD luck in the experiment! I love stuff like that!

    As for me, despite working in a kosher bakery now, I go wheat free quite easily and I feel awesome, and really bad when I cheat (both guilt AND physically) – the hard thing for me is dairy. Cheese that is. SERIOUSLY.

    But it’s quite astonishing how many changes no wheat/no gluten brings with it!!

    1. Cheese. Yes, I hear that a lot. Cashew “cheese” is just not the same, and whoever says so, has no taste buds left. But I was able to find some “real” cheese made from organic soy. It is not as your dairy cheese, but it does have a distinct, pleasant, intense taste. I liked it.

      Going to sleep early doesn’t work with my working schedule, but I was able to integrate naps into my week. I shall write about it soon.

      Wheat – it turned out I am allergic to wheat. So cutting gout wheat was only part of the solution – I had to throw away any cosmetic product containing wheat (>>>

  2. sending love and light for your continued research! love that BLYSS is still part of your heart xoxo

  3. I’ve cut all white flour, white sugar, and most dairy from my diet. Day 3 was the hardest, but by Day 5 I felt great. So, yeah, I eat a lot of wild rice and veggies each day.

    1. It’s incredibly rewarding after a little while, yup. I also ended up eating way more champignons and shiitake than before, and also more nuts and spices to substitute grated parmeggiano 😉

  4. What the heck? I remember your having trouble leaving a comment before. 😦 Blogger/Wordpress wars I suppose…But I will be blogging. I took a gazillion photos as always…hehe.

    1. I’ll try again later, I promise! (I even tried w/o WP handle, but didn’t get further than “your comment is awaiting moderation”, this got me speechless, I’m not a tech noob after all!) got a translation job to finish…

  5. Oh, look at this! I go away on vacation to a corner of France that had so little internet connection that I couldn’t even stop by to say hi–I come back and poof! You have gone all fabuloso on me! I love the new design, love, love, love it. I feel like I am getting vitamins just from looking at that cheery green…:)

    1. hey, I was just wondering where you are… and here are lovely comments by lovely heather 🙂
      the vacation sounds fantastic. fancy sharing? or will you on the blog? I can’t comment there. it says “your comment awaits moderation” but it then never ever shows :/

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