Testing Organic Perfumes | Clean Perfume Quest #1

Dear Adventurer, BEAUTYCALYPSE might feel sad sometimes when following a Quest but… we never give up here. And so I started looking for healthy and safe perfumes. Here are the reviews! 😉


(Well, it has heard of it at least)

I gotta admit it again: I’m a perfume aficionado. I’ve interviewed a few noses and I loved it. I love perfume. But I’ve also experienced the dark sides, such as the late 90s nitromusks/synthetic musks scandal, scary research, as well as some personally experienced severe headaches induced by otherwise alluring scents, own or even by those worn by others.

So I’ve figured to give all of those organic, safe stuff out there a try.

Today I want to share with you my opinion on two brands.



Certified: This Manhattan-based company is certified USDA Organic for the purity, and PETA-certified for cruelty-free approach. That’s grand.

Bonus: The enviroment-friendly packaging is made of seed-embedded paper. You can buy samples (a set of 5 à 1ml for approx. 19€) to try the perfumes first.

The product: The scents are alcohol-free perfume oils. They come in rather beautifully shaped 12 ml roll-ons (about 60€ each). This means – you can’t spray them and walk the scented cloud like you used to. This is something you thoughtfully apply to your skin (and try to avoid contact with fabric, too, because: oils).

The scent: If you like natural oils, you’ll love the masterfully blended scents. What you can’t expect is that it smells like an Eau de Parfum you’re used to because it’s a totally different product. Natural oils aren’t everybody’s thing.

Personal favourite? “Perfumed Wine”, if any. It’s dark, rich, interesting; a blend of spice, nutmeg, oak, and pepper with hints of berry and apple sweetness that smells a bit like medicine.

Price: Keep in mind it’s a concentrated perfume oil (=it is intense and it lasts), so in fact, you’re not overpaying. But 20Euros for 5 vials with 1ml each – the size you normally know as testers – sounds admittedly like a lot. (Full size bottle, 12 ml, approx. 60€.)

Conclusion: If you/your S.O. are “Fruity Eau de Toilette”/”Fresh Marine Cologne” people – you’ll probably hate it. I had to get used to the fragrances, too, and since I’m a niche perfume lover, that’s saying something. If you like the scent of essential oils, go for it and give this beauty a try..



Certified: Balm Balm, a UK-based manufacturer, is Soil Association certified. BUAV and Nature Watch say it’s animal-friendly. Yay!

Bonus: It’s a “normal” Eau de Parfum, so the handling is the one we’re used to – spray it, baby. A mini set of all 7 scents (2ml each vial) is available for approx. 7€.

The product: Every scent from the Single Note Eau de Parfum collection is made from nothing else but organic grain alcohol + one (1) essential oil. Can it get more pure than that?

The scent: The collection consists of 7 single scents you can wear on their own or “layer” by spraying several. The EdP are subtle and sweet.

Personal favourites? My favourites are Lavender, Mandarine, Spearmint (invigorating and rather offbeat), and Ylang Ylang (spicy and floral). Bergamotte, Rose Geranium, Petitgrain aren’t too shabby neither. The packaging is clean and neutral: glass bottles with col0ur-coded labels. Sweet.

Price: 33 ml, about 26€. Sweeeet!

Conclusion: These seven very nice scents, worn alone or mixed, are great everyday fragrances; a good pick for all our urban “daytime/office/brunch/job interview/job meeting/” kind of situations. And to the perfume snobs out there: soliflores are classics. I’m now a customer! 😉.


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Wow the BPAL is amazing – thanks for the tip off – who would have thought books and perfume – loving Deadly elegance: pale orchid, vanilla amber, black currant, white peach, champaca, coconut, Arabian myrrh, Burmese vetiver, and oude – who knew!

  2. Yay! With my acidic red-head skin, perfumes can be tricky business for me, as much as I love them. And honestly, I was flabbergasted when I went to Grasse and learned that nearly everything is made from synthetics! Say what? In Grasse of all places?! So I will be taking a look-see, merci!

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