Dear Adventurers! While I buy shampoos and lather and rinse for weeks now, Berlin is turning down the returning migrating birds. We live in a goddamn snow globe, ladies and gentlemen.

Nevertheless, you might want to enjoy a bit of Berlin spring winter (clickety-click ’em), coming along with my favourite Berlin addresses.

I promised you a few Berlin insights in March. I must say, I’m rather in the mood for a rant about the weather, the pet peeve of any urban dweller, together with the public transport, and tourists. But then it occured to me that in order to prevent tourist behaviour, we all should share our hidden hot spots!

And while the selection might appear somewhat random, what unites all of these addresses, is that all are real BERLINERSThese addresses are all 100% Berlin.

Be it the Graz-born fashion designer Lena Hoschek, whose store in Mitte is a time machine to the 50s and 60s and fits in and blends so well with the careless, inked, vintage-loving Berlin in-crowd. Hip, but real. 100% Berlin.

Be it a hot dog shop where you’ll see an alley cat devour the delicious snack next to language students from Japan, a ballet dancer from Kiev, a local dishevelled matron and a chic gay. No fuss. 100% Berlin.

Be it a shop variety in an old-established neighbourhood that’s changing now; a shop hiding inside another shop; or a high-tech boutique for a new smile. Inventive. Stubborn. 100% Berlin.

So please, when you visit Berlin in spring (in real spring that is) or in summer, don’t do tourist places! Do Berlin and yourself a favour, and skip the beaten track.

(I’ll do more fashion later, too; and the cool bars will be up tomorrow.)

10 replies on “The (Pet Pe)Eves of March | Things To Do In Berlin #1

  1. quelle glorious tour of Berlin!

    thank you kindly.

    sending you some #sunshine from here.

    looks like they forgot to turn on the sun above germany, as yet.

    maybe miss jules will bring some back from barcelona.

    _tg xx

    1. they absolutely forgot about the light. am carrying the LA sunshine through the Berlin night now, merci, madame!

      and yes, am thrilled to hear Julia’s story. friends have been there and were de-LIGHT-ed (their published report:, I haven’t managed yet. see, I’m a south of france type of person. and by south of france I mean all them impressionist places and the mountains near spain. and arles 🙂

        1. in my case it was the lovely mr l. durrell who made me love the south before ever seeing it…

          1. Lawrence.


            but there was something about the way Judith described the paintings and the painters and #LaVieLuberon that still delights our 13 year old soul trapped in england, longing for a decent cafe au lait in a blue, blue bowl and a studio of her own.

            1. *sigh*
              yes, yes. absolutely.
              my 13 y.o. self was gasping for the fantastic places (and times) where the adventures of monsieur poirot and co were set. was beyond delighted at the N-H latin-cyrillic monogram games in the orient express adventure, given that this is my RL name 😉
              I’m still to have a train ride from vienna to istanbul. or maybe the royal scotsman? god, I love trains.

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