Some RL-ness | Writer Life Quest #2

Dear Fellow Adventurers,
As some of you might know, I’m still in my gap year*.

Nevertheless, if asked, I’ve worked a bit – I contributed to online mags I liked**: to a German women bikers mag, to an international local trendhunter mag with the founder of which I share my love for amazing brands as well as for all things cruelty-free and natural; and lately to a UK-based, informational/inspirational women entrepreneurs community I was introduced to by my adorable friend Jayne Ryan.

It would’ve been a shame not to have shared those with you, fellow Adventurers, only because BEAUTYCALYPSE emerged but later in this gap year*** (which isn’t a calendar year).

Hope you liked them!

The TL;DR footnotes hide right there after the cut. x

Instead of a P.S.

*  I felt it was neccessary after some 13-14 years in the media (9 in publishing). See, I got my uni degree with 22 and worked in this industry since the age 21. So in 2012 I felt the intense urge to escape the somewhat forecast burn-out, and to get more geek love (I attend CISCO network design and security classes, woohoo) and more adventure back into my life. Obviously.

** Because writing for a living isn’t the deeper zen meaning of a gap year, right? But writing for a cause is. Well, call me crazy, will you 🙂

*** And it’s not the only one idea that suddenly emerged. In fact, ideas are a constant in my life – I am made of ideas. But some decisions take all the time they need.

I think I love my new “geek girl glam” tag. I want to hug it. Alliteration adorKation!

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    • localspotter is truly a cool resource; I like what they pick (and was deliriously happy they liked my picks). and the founder is a very cool lady and a friend I love.

      • Awww feeling the love!! thanks so much for mentioning LS. You’re a truly beautiful friend too. Lotsalove xo