Is Your Favourite Cookie Destroying The Planet? | Critical Consumer Quest #1

Industry and environmental awareness in a handy overview. So, is your favourite cookie a really bad guy?

My sustainability expert friend Manuela from the Berlin-based green consulting company GK Strategy shared with me a link to Oxfam America’s “Behind The Brands” website. Oxfam evaluated 10 world’s leading and biggest food and beverage companies regarding corporate transparency, women farmers, general farm workers and farming issues, rights and access to farming land, accessibility and sustainable use of water, and climate effects.

Oxfam America: Behind the brands campain in support of the GROW campain for justice and food lets you pick your favourite snack, beverage, or chocolate and see its huge impact on the world

The Behind The Brands website helps consumers understand the impact of their product choice.

Imagine the numbers:

Over 50 leading consumer brands represented here belong to only 10 companies who represent 70% of the food/beverages market.

Because, as we *geek mode on* learned from Spiderman/Stan Lee: “With great power comes great responsibility”. *geek mode off*history buff mode on* Probably Voltaire said this first though. But in French. Aaaw. *history buff mode off* Actually, something similar is written in the Bible but I’m getting off the point here. So!

Cleverly, Oxfam draws in its evaluation the line between “good action” and “not enough action” taken by the companies.

The website calls to action in support of the Oxfam GROW campaign for justice in food. Great cause! Check it out today!

Behind the brands evaluated 10 companies holding 50+ favourite brands that make 70% of the food and beverage market regarding important issues like water, environment, women work, farming, land rights and more


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