My Upcoming Movie Night: Forks Over Knives

Watch the clip below. I love the impressive bit when he climbs up using only his hands/arms and keeps repeating “Real! Men! Eat! Plants!” 😀

This clip is from the 2011 movie “Forks Over Knives“.

It’s a somewhat similar eye-opener to “Food, Inc.”, and Din from Eiswuerfelimschuh (“ice cubes in the shoe”) suggested that I watch this movie after we talked about “Food, Inc.” some time last year. I didn’t have the time but I ordered a copy.

What I already see from their website and several Social Media channels that the movie provides well-researched and highly useful information about how meat and dairy-based diet causes obesity, heart problems, diabetes and other illnesses.

Check the movie website for more info, enjoy truly fabulous, funny, and inspiring artwork on their Pinterest boards or head straight for their official YouTube channel featuring movie clips, teasers and additional interviews and clips.

I will watch it, so either watch it too so we can discussor wait for my review if you’re a meat eater who’s a bit too afraid. I will then tell you how bad it gets 😉



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