A Question About The Quest

Lately, a friend asked me why, whenever she asks me anything about health, food, beauty, non-toxic fashion and environment etc., I always have an answer and normally a strong opinion on the subject. Why not as strongly here? I told her what I’m going to tell you now.

quest-question-from-a-reader“This is The Internet, darling.”

It’s been known as but it just isn’t the place to inflict my opinion on other people. Yes, I do have an opinion, a strong one – but I’m not dogmatic or loony about it. So if I ask you to embrace my belief as yours and you kindly do, and I then change my thinking… Awkward!

And getting the facts straight is a non-stop pleasure, so my newer knowledge will always influence my way of thinking, even if the core remains the same.

Plus, I believe that a Quest unites while an Answer can provoke conflicts and divide. And we’ve been divided long enough by walls, and borders, and frontiers, and prejudices.

So yes, I’m the type to get informed the best possible and to politely suggest other people do the same.

And the amount of questions asked (NB: as well as the popularity of inspirational and DIY blogs – a life more beautiful is quite a symptom for a mind that looks for the Light and for Beauty, and those can’t be that bad, right?) leads me to this conclusion: there ARE more fellow Adventurers than we’ve all met so far.

I hope we all can make good, if you want, wise, decisions about what we eat, how we live, what we wear and how we want to leave the planet.

Yes, I have a dream of a perfect world, I do have a belief in doing good. And I share with you my Quest and my thoughts along the way. I love to hear your questions. Hell, everything I ever learned ends with a question – a cliffhanger! – leading to our next Quest.

This said, let’s end with a question!

Miss Jules of Three Times Yes! said something I totally second as a Brilliant Question:

Who are you when nobody is looking?

This is brilliant.

It’s not about your job (“manager!”), not about your status (“mother!”), not about your distinct style (“goth!”) – just about You. Who are you?

Do you prefer a picnic at the end of the world or a haunting movie night?
Are you kind or cruel when nobody looks?
Are you loyal or opportunistic when no one sees?
Are you a lover or a fighter when all cats are grey?
Are you a supporter or a leader?
A voyeur or an adventurer?
A dreamer or a visionary?
What kind of creature are you?

As I like to drastically put it:



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  1. Mel

    Love that question. Especially in times where we have lost ourselves a little, it is good to peel back a few layers and see what’s underneath.

  2. How much do I love that A) Julia is a hippie plus B) that I was thinking of you just tonight and wondering where you were (and on top of it, you were beauteously generous in making a link, merci la Belle) and poof here you are.

    Just a little answer to your question for where I am right now: no one is really looking. So I am pretty much the same person all the time. But that person is a complex cookie, I admit. But I do know that despite my faults (lack of patience!), I am no bad egg. Just a little scrambled sometimes. 😉

  3. julia

    since i asked the question and put the little collage together i’ve been asking it myself…
    and i still need some time to answer it.
    that is not so easy after all 🙂
    i think i am a hippie. that i can tell already.
    will inform you if i come to more conclusions ❤

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