Book Wednesday: No More Dirty Looks | Bookshelf Monthly #1

Dear Adventurer, are you a healthy-beauty-nerd (excellent!) – or are you rather asking yourself why on Earth should you care about healthy beauty in the first place?

Well, if so, how ’bout that: because your skin soaks in all you put on it. So I’m pretty sure you’ll want your body lotion and Co. to be non-toxic, non-cancerogenous, not-messing-with-your-hormones and probably notinfertilising.

And this book’s a MUST-READ for you, IF:

-you’re new to non-toxic beauty,

or confused by the contradictory data overkill,

-don’t have the time to investigate yourself but still value facts over feels,

don’t look for a guru but for a reliable source of verified information.

Reading experience:

The authors, American journalists and beauty experts Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, have done an amazing job. They most carefully researched scientific and historical facts to show you the truth about the beauty industry. You get a good idea on why things are the way they are and get a handy list of worst ingredients that you should avoid by all means as well as a comprehensive, well-structured guide to changing your beauty routine.

Siobhan and Alexandra (if you like, you can follow them on Twitter: @nodirtylooks) not only talk to industry insiders and experts, they share personal experiences, good and bad (laser treatments; changing the hairwashing routine etc.). They are also very kind to “newbies”, very supportive and very, very reasonable. The easy and cheap healthy DIY-beauty recipes are fun and come with some really nifty upgrades; the authors also suggest their favourite healthy products (US/Canada market).

The only thing that’s to be mentioned is that the US/Canadian and European regulations and markets differ. Nevertheless, baddies are baddies, and it’s always a safer bet to know a bit more than you need now.

Where to buy: 

In the light of the recent Amazon news, you might want to consult the authors’ website for alternative purchase info (US). In Europe, you can buy the book, as I did, at Amazingy. Paper-free? Well, Amazon does offer a Kindle version. .

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