Beautycalyptic side note | Writer Life Quest #1

Berlin-based readers: If you’re interested in urban fantasy literature, have no other plans for March 8…

…do join me at this literary theme night “Mordsweib”. I’ll be reading with a notorious group of writers Die Unerhörten (a cute wordsmithery of listening and outrageous).


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Melli

    Why oh why am I so far… Something tells me this will be one of a kind of an evening. Sounds exciting!

    1. notausgang

      It would’ve been ace if you could but well… I *do* hope there will be lots and lots and lots of opportunities to come.

      Besides, I am now back on Bloglovin’. Quite useful for them non-WP blogs!


    1. notausgang

      does it qualify for #teamgloria? 🙂 I don’t know if there will be chandeliers, though.

    1. notausgang


      I explore a dangerous mind in there. it’s been tremendous fun to write (I don’t usually like to say “it’s fun” about things but it helps make the point here ;))

      1. Wait, what on earth?! Is that indeed you in the new profile pic? As I know you like old-fashioned terms, here is one for you: hubba-hubba!
        And yes, best to keep “fun” front in mind when wandering into dangerous territory. When I was acting, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I wasn’t exactly playing in comedies…

        1. notausgang

          😀 too kind of you! I needed a somewhat old-school picture to emphasize the creative writing type since I embarked on my new adventure.
          why did you quit acting and started writing instead? du tournage en france, pourquoi pas? 🙂

          1. I have another old-fashioned term for that photo: yowza! You need to contact Esquire and write for them–that photo will get you in the door, Madame…or is it Mademoiselle? 😉

            The ridiculously simplified answer to your question is: I met Remi. I was tired of not having a personal life–I gave everything I had in me since the age of 17 to make it, two university degrees (including the Yale School of Drama, hell yes!), no social life and endless auditions–then disappearing for months at a time when I had a gig. It was a tough life even when working.

            When I met Remi, it was…;)…I moved to France so soon! And I didn’t speak a word of French. That plus that I was in all of the unions for acting in the States made things complicated. So I did a bit just for fun (and there are some wonderful expat actors in Paris).

            Remi knew that I would have to find work that was fufilling to me (I told you I was a hard worker) and knew that I had always written. So we started working as a team and it took off. Soon, there was no time to think of anything else…

            Hmm, you must be a good journalist, you are pulling my story right out of me!

            1. notausgang

              heather, you’re so abundantly KIND to me!!! I’m blushing…

              to brag a bit, too, people were rather comfortable with me interviewing them. but then I also know what’s off record and what to research because nothing is worse than the “same old questions”. I just quit journalism because there’s no need for quality journalism here and I felt it was better to jump off with a lot of ideas of my own than to fade off eventually 🙂 that’s the rational gamer and geek in me hehe 😉

              (I have started a “Heather’s talents in Web 2.o” brainstorm in the other thread now to avoid confusion!)

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