The Day the Earth Stood Still

“I’m gonna give you some terrible thrills”,
– R. O’Brien, Science Fiction/Double Feature.

Yes, I’m totally going to give you some terrible thrills. I will try to make you laugh while you cry, though.

Not only is The Day the Earth Stood Still a movie classic everyone should’ve seen – mankind’s technical, alas not humane, progress draws attention of super-powerful aliens who fear that humanity is too aggressive and violent – it is also a great description for a series of WTFmoments that have ultimately led to the beginning of BEAUTYCALYPSE.

The following situations all happened and they are but smallest puzzle parts of a bigger picture, but maybe some of those will sound familiar..

The earth stands still, in fact, when you discover that the sensation of sharp pain in your fingernails is caused by formaldehyde in your pretty nail hardener. It hurts because other than a dead two-headed goat you are not dead – and as the formaldehyde works havoc embalming your cells, the latter SOS you with the only language they know: pain.

The earth stands still again when a skin cancer patient is advised to use pharmacy skin care which contains compounds, widely known for being harsh and cancerogenic.

The earth stands still when a patient with a heavy autoimmune reaction on their scalp gets a prescription shampoo with a name and claim promising gentlest of care for irritated skin while its INCI list states that it will totally drain the skin, weaken its already damaged surface, oh, and push in some heavy-weight toxins.

And the earth stands still when a dermatologist suggests you cure a few stress pimples with an antibiotic that’s used to cure typhus but also is known for causing irreversible and fatal anaemia (why, yes, when applied to the skin). The dermatologist doesn’t inform you about the risks, though, because she’s a doctor and what to put on your skin is, of course, her expert decision. 

The earth stands still when a friend develops severe sun damage (that can’t go as freckles anymore) despite using an SPF50 product… Then, together you check the product to discover it had only UVB covered, while UVA calmly burned the otherwise white forehead into a huge brown splotch.

The earth stands still even a bit longer when you, while sipping a vegan, organic soy-latte, realise that the amazing, healthy palm oil in your – well, everything from creams to biodiesel – can actually come 5-in-1 with human rights violations, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and habitat loss (often reports said that land was cleared by fire) for critically endangered orangutans and tigers.

The earth starts spinning faster as soon as you realise that since the skin absorbs stuff, and our system is smart enough to get rid of some, ignoring what’s in your body lotion bottle and washing liquid and hair shampoo is a risk to our drinking water.

You start getting the “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” feels when you hear they’ve found lead in lipsticks and endocrine (hormone-system) disruptors in perfumes. When you by chance compare INCI lists of cheapo creams with deluxe creams and start getting really weird ideas. When you find alcohol (wasn’t it drying? last I checked it was one hell of drying) the number 2 ingredient in a serum for irritated, dry skin. You watch people wave off your warnings and then come running for advice when things do go wrong. You shake your head at the “minimal dose” talk, doing your math by adding up all the stuff the critical toxins are used in…You think you should know better now. You think you should be able to make a literate choice..

…Finally, nervous laughter is all you produce when a pregnant friend picks an advertised body oil to prevent stretch marks, and is curious and comes over, and the two of you google the INCIs only to find out that not only it is based on mineral oils (which can damage heart valves and totally like to stay with you – in your liver and in your kidneys, ah, dash the courtesies: the WHO says it’s a group 1 to 3 carcinogen) but also contains allergenic and several cancerogenic ingredients.

By the time you’re told in the posh department store that the silicones in the hand cream they want to sell you are “high quality” and “natural”, you can’t even laugh anymore.

You wearily ask them if it’s Cold-Spun By Hand from the Amazonian High Quality Silicone Tree and head for the doors.


In the course of the coming weeks we’ll look at some research I’ve put together on the baddies (mineral oils, phtalates, formaldehyde… – don’t be silly, there are several hundreds of those), we can’t discuss all in one post.

Basically, BEAUTYCALYPSE is nothing else but me putting together the milestones of my journey towards a healthier life. It will be nasties I avoid, books I read, tricks I’ve learned to look my non-toxic best… If you’re interested, there will be what I’ve learned about sun damage myths and truths, and my approach to beauty as a motorcyclist (why, yeah, we’re badass here at BEAUTYCALYPSE).

But don’t worry, even if I’m all pro organic and healthy and fair and humane and cruelty-freeI’m a die-hard scientific facts fetishist, so you’ll basically be reading my bullshit-free diary as I try to enhance and perfect an easy (I’m as pressed for time as anybody else) and non-toxic and hopefully environmentally fab* and cruelty-free** way to beauty, for girls and guys alike.

I’ve also started this blog to be able to connect with others, who are out there, and for us to make a difference, together. Because everyone is affected. Because everything is a cycle. Because you’ll want your grandchildren’s water to be toxin free. 

I certainly hope you’ll find inspiration and will ask questions, because hell, that’s what I do..

But for a start, you are very welcome to tell me your The Day the Earth Stood Still experience.

My visor is up. Do tell.

*  AND ** – it’s really not that easy.


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    1. notausgang

      and your words genuinely mean a lot to me. I’d love to reach people like I myslef used to be, lifestyle-savvy but sensing intuitively that something’s fishy. just not tree-hugging by nature.

      thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤ (these are hearts)

            1. notausgang

              oh this cause and effect thingy reminds of many movies. “thank you for smoking” is one of those 🙂

                1. notausgang

                  missing cultural reference
                  missing cultural reference

                  human mode on:
                  betty blue? I had to google it. is it that French love movie?

    1. ha!

      thank you for the CODE-LINE-MISFIRE-ALERT 😉

      ah yes.

      Betty Blue was the film that scared us all at university about what-love-means – it was a revolutionary tale in the same Vein as How to get ahead in Advertising (perhaps neither stand up as well seen now – but THEN – dear gods).

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