Let’s ride!

„May you live in interesting times.“ – Anonymous.

BEAUTY is a GEM that needs a SETTING. And in order to have a setting, let me take you back into the interesting times that occurred just very recently, December 2012-January 2013.

What’s on the horizon? Let’s ride and see.
So, end of 2012, dawn of 2013. Did you notice how many people were genuinely down? Not that “Maya-doom-doom-end-of-times” kind of crazy, just simply very sad?
Did you notice?
I’ve never experienced so much cumulated depression, sadness, anger, disorientation and frustration before.
Blogs and twitter timelines seemed to explode with posts about „finding your way“, and „going through difficult times“ – more than you’re used to on Christmas/New Year.
Friends of mine who are quite fond of astrology told me (independently) that the period was a transient one; a new spiritual level was reached.
The pain we felt was the pain of change: while the Seekers will ascend, others will fall back.
Don’t you just love insights from unusual sources?
What if we really are climbing the next spiritual level?
We discover what has been done to the Earth and its children, we discover what has been done to us, and we see the imminent lies and momentous mistakes of those huge and slow and scary systems that our very existence is based upon: finance, politics, and industry, to name a few.     
What if we had enough?
What if we’ve had it up to here that our eyes were covered by a soft mask of silky smooth ignorance?
What if the mask just slid down and we can’t claim we “didn’t know it” anymore?
What if the Apocalypse was here already?
I think that more people listen to their hearts than we are told.
Not just some (irony mode on) New Age hippies and tree huggers and conspiracy theorists and anarchists and punks and pirates and all those loons! (irony mode off)
What if we’ve discovered the beauty of truth?
And I think what scares us, is that the beauty of truth is as majestic and as terrifying as an ancient Deity we know not how to appease.
So would you like to embark of an adventurous quest for truth, aware that the line of questions might lead to nothing but more questions?
Can you stand questions? Can you stand change? Maybe it will be a chain of changes. Can you stand change of beliefs?
The apocalypse BEAUTYCALYPSE is upon us.
We’re in it together.  
We saddle the horses and hold up the banner of beauty.
Because we need at least something to believe in. Now, let’s ride!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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    1. notausgang

      you totally tricked me on this! 😀 because I nominated you as well (it will go online today at 19:00) 😀

  1. julia

    it’s funny, because for me the end of 2013 was filled with so much fun and adventure and being brave like hardly any period in my life before. at least within the past 7 years.
    nevertheless, i do agree with your observations and theory too.
    and i’m joining you on the ride. beautycalypse, here we come!!!!

  2. you are a Mysterious soothsayer and excitingly bleak yet glamorous……intrigued……and yes, we agree with your impression of what-has-just-happened – because something clearly Did happen – isn’t the democracy of the interweb delicious in the way that we can all find each other?

    btw, that saying was one we used a Lot when we were in Beijing – it made our PRC colleagues laugh no end.


    1. notausgang

      I love how the “interweb” makes visible that we’re connected. Before that, this connection was a new age oddball kind of story. Aren’t we travelling light years now? Learning new things and ideas and views?

      thank you for the “bleak yet glamorous” compliment. would make a great ink indeed, alas, I don’t wear any.

      1. we have not been inked either.

        but we sat at the counter at the brighton coffee shop (where doris day used to drive down from the hills in her housecoat to eat pancakes) today and heard writers and waitresses compare new “art” on their arms and then discuss crowd-funding.

        welcome to (virtual) LA.

        we’re convinced that all the splendid people we are meeting now on the interweb are Exactly the sort of people that one would Only have met back in our late teens/early 20s while running away to paris and hanging out in shakespeare and co.

        the interweb = a massive shakespeare and co, Paris.


        1. notausgang

          Presumably today’s Doris Day-y ladies go out for a salad. LA must be an interesting place, like a planet on/of it’s own. a friend from Munich relocated for a job; she’s loving it.
          Shakespeare & Co is an interesting thought. Sometimes I feel though it’s something less refined… Maybe like a train station by night, or a gas station in the desert, and by chance total strangers meet who have something in common.

            1. notausgang

              there’s a trail of dust on the horizon… an enigmatic lady looking into middle distance… we see a shadow emerge – camera moves. it’s a man in full motorcycle gear and his helmet mirrors the trail of dust on the horizon…

              1. and then suddenly the visor is removed and we see the ethereal figure of a creature that defines what we now know to be beauty.

                but not of this world.

                the woman steps forward and speaks in a language we cannot understand but somehow know.

                to be continued….

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