Food For Thought: 2013

It never occurred to me that a nail polish blog (run to keep up with WordPress for work) would gather attention except with my friends.

Hey there, beautiful people 🙂

In never occurred to me that a nail polish blog run as a humble, somewhat lazy nail art diary would get its most clicks, likes, visits, subscriptions, emails and RL-compliments for posts regarding health issues, INCIs etc. Some of them even got people thinking for the first time about what’s in their beauty products. That’s amazing. That’s beautiful!

So I’m pondering: Does it make sense to rethink the idea of this blog?

Does it make sense to stop being “lazy me sometimes posting a cool look and chatting” and start being just… who I am – passionate about a good, healthy and meaningful life and embracing all the fun of it? Not a wagging-finger kind of blog. A blog about beauty, quite simply. But no… an entertaining blog about genuine beauty.


UPDATE 2014: Obviously I’ve come to the decision that, yes, it does make sense. 😉