What I did on long winter’s nights… | DIY Quest #1

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from postap-games and movies (the thing I actually did during long winter’s nights was playing Fallout 3) than it’s this: Learn to fix things. 

No, really – how are you to survive in the nuclear wasteland if you can’t fix your anti-radiation suit or your gun? Uhm, maybe I should put away my PS3 controller before talking to people…

Today I’ll show you how I rescued a piece of fashion jewellery with a broken clasp making it into something new and brilliant, the BEAUTYCALYPSE way!

Renewed necklace, worn. (And HDR filters galore.) Unexpected bonus: it’s less metal on bare skin now and more gothic than the plain crystal version.

This is the final result: a unique piece of fashion jewellery. With lace. And Bohemian crystals.

The bit of lace used is so big (and gorgeous), even the ear clips from the original crystal set have found a new home!

DIY tutorials with lace necklaces are all the craze now. And when the clasp on a vintage piece of costume jewellery broke, I knew instantly what to do.

It’s just fashion jewellery, but then it comes with some history.
The textile bits or passaments are called “Pineapple”. They will replace the broken clasp.
Removing the old clasp was really easy.
All that’s left to do: sew the necklace to the top edges of the lace shape, and sew the new closure to the ends of the necklace. Adding the ear clips just happened. Simply clip in. Fini!

Now, more ideas (for rescueing jewellery pieces you don’t wear otherwise) could be:

Sew old pendants or charms to the edges of a vintage silk scarf!
When one of a pair of studs is lost, attach the spare one to a French beret (pin style)!
Oh, the possibilities… *wanders off looking for more broken treasures to fix*



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